Online Competition Guidelines and Regulations

  1. All entries must be the sole work of the entrant.
  2. All competitions with sponsors products associated, must have the said brand/product in the entry to be valid and must be used.
  3. A platform will be published where all entries need to be uploaded to, to be considered for judging.
  4. All entries must be sent online and accompanied by a;
    a. Completed entry form with entrants’ details on.
    b. Colour photographs of the dish/dishes to be entered for judging
    c. A Written recipe with quantities and methods, costings are NOT required
    d. A Maximum of a 1 minute 30 seconds video displaying the final dish with a spoken description by the entrant on why they chose the dish and describe the flavour combinations they hoped to achieve. This can be filmed on either, an iPhone, iPad, or similar Android device
  5. Judges will be paying special attention to the competitions criteria.
  6. A maximum of five senior salon judges will independently judge the entries online to a given marking criteria.
  7. All marks will be collected in a master spread sheet to denote the medal categories.
  8. The salon director will review the final results before announcing to competitors.
  9. Announcements will be made in different formats and these will be communicated with the entry criteria.
  10. All recipes submitted for judging will be eligible to be used by the sponsors or organizers.