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Compass Group UK & Ireland are the people behind the food, hospitality and support services that power your day, make you smile and put a spring in your step. That’s just one of the reasons why they’re the UK and Ireland’s top contract catering, hospitality, and business support services provider. 


The Caterer is a leading multimedia brand for UK hospitality professionals since 1878.  It covers all areas of the hospitality industry providing news, analysis and features about senior industry professionals, businesses and trends

MSKare recognised as suppliers of specialist food ingredients to the Hotel and Restaurant Trade throughout the United Kingdom and beyond. With their wide range of premium quality products, they have managed to build a large customer base inclusive of some of UKs leading chefs.

The origins of the Worshipful Company of Cooks can be traced back to around 1170. They champion excellence in the craft of cooking and offer support and assistance, particularly for young people, in education and training. Their members are active in ensuring the company remains relevant in catering industry. 

Established in 1965 as, Guild of the Cookery and Food Association, the Craft Guild of Chefs has developed into the leading Chefs’ Association in the UK. They represent the interest of chefs, with clear aims of developing careers, promotion of craft skills, industry recognitions, and endorsing and promoting the use of British and European produce. All through creating awareness and knowledge through education and training.  

Zep is a leader in its industry of auxiliary chemicals for both civil and industrial maintenance sectors. They play a large role in cleaning, sanitation and pest control matters in the foodstuffs’ sector. And have a great impact on hotels, restaurants and residentials centres maintaining their high standards of hygiene in the workplace.

Jubilee Hospitality is a well-recognised chef agency and catering provider within the industry. With over 10 years under its belt, the company has grown to have an outstanding reputation for delivering tailor made solutions that exceed the needs and demands of its suppliers.

With an all-hands-on deck approach the Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute have been serving knowledge, tips and tricks for 40 years. The institute shines a light on the seafood supply Alaska has to offer. And give information on health and nutrition. They also maintain an inclusive and open conversation about sustainability in today’s world.

The Burnt Chef Project is a non – profit organisation committed to providing free support and advice to hospitality professions, encouraging a healthier and more sustainable environment amongst the trade. To reach their goals the company also trains and educates owners, line managers and employees to build awareness, and opening channels of communication for conversation on mental health.

The Chef’s Forum is a platform for networking, head hunting talent, sourcing the latest equipment and keeping a finger on the pulse of the trends in hospitality. The platform sets up a line of communication between expert chefs who are highly regarded members of the industry to those who may be at the beginning stages of their career in hospitality.

The Association of Pastry Chefs is a charitable organisation whose aims are to promote the highest standards of pastry and education and to encourage young people into the industry, whilst promoting produce and sharing ideas. 

The high-end appliances company UNOX provides tailor made equipment for all operational needs within the hospitality industry. With over 30 years of service the businesses strong values have not changed, with a consistency of efficiency, optimization and perseverance, which is grounds for the company’s continued success.

Induced Energy is a young company that aims to build the best induction hobs and induction hot plates for its suppliers. With their products made by their own engineers, the company can ensure the bespoke products are well crafted and handled with care throughout the whole manufacturing process delivering value in all their product offerings.

Koppert Cress is always on the lookout for natural, innovative ingredients which chefs can use to intensify the flavour, aroma, or presentation of their dishes; products that meet the increasingly stringent requirements of restaurants worldwide. 

Liebherr see themselves as pioneers, because of this their refrigeration and freezing equipment of course has quality, reliability and longevity as a priority. With the innovations of technology today and high-quality materials, they company provides equipment that is convenient and energy efficient, necessary for any of your operational needs.

WorldSkills UK is all about helping young people go further, faster in their careers, gaining the skills that employers need most. We help young people from all backgrounds get the best start in work and life.

Grande Cuisine Academy is built with the sole purpose of supporting the careers and wellbeing of young chefs, to help them grow in their skills and confidence.

The most environmentally friendly packaging products available for the hotel, restaurant, catering and retail industries.